Time passes, things change and new lives are added to previous generations. Each cycle nourishes the next, and each stage is important.  We all possess a heritage, or memories that weave the connections between us, and define who we are.  To be human is to be intimately interdependent with nature, so the structures we create to separate ourselves from it eventually succumb to a higher power, crack, crumble and sometimes disappear altogether. 

When I work in my studio, these are some of the reflections that inspire me. I observe the temporal world, which is physical and measurable, in order to find meaning in the illusiveness of the eternal. Materials, and materiality are my muses. The world can fall away when I am working on a piece of stitching, carving wood, or executing a detailed drawing. It is in these moments of intense concentration that I sometimes find answers to my questions, but more often than not I arrive at new reflections to consider.  

By extension, in my most recent work, I am studying the connections between moments in time defined by everyday objects and actions, and their relationship to the past through heritage and memory.  I am interested in how memory resides in a particular object, created by man or by nature. I am working with the concept that there is a story for everything, and it is by registering and transmitting this story that we create a witness for the past, and a heritage for the future.  



The artist gratefully acknowledges Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association
Professional Development for their support.